5 Exceptionnal Caracteristics Of Bamboo

We see more and more products made from bamboo. One might think that this is a way that enables us to appease the eco-anxiety caused by the ecological footprint of our consumer-based lifestyles. But what is it really? Is bamboo as “magical” as promised? Since it’s produced in China, isn’t the long journey it has to go through canceling its soothing properties on the environment? In these few lines, I am going to share with you what I have found on the subject: the positive impact of bamboo over the atmospheric environment, its awesome caracteristics that are used in the manufacturing and construction industries, and its essential therapeutic properties.

1. Ecological Performance

Thanks to its deep and very dense roots, bamboo is used for the removal of certain toxins from the soil (phyto-remediation), and its cultivation requires little or no fertilizer or other cleaning products.

According to a team of Dutch scientists, the use of bamboo has a smaller and more efficient footprint than steel, concrete or wood [1].

5 Exceptionnal Caracteristics Of Bamboo
A bamboo forest. Image source: storyblocks.com

2. Speed of growth

Under ideal conditions, bamboo can grow at a speed of one meter per day!

A bamboo forest matures in only 3-8 years [2]. This is 3 to 8 times faster than a hardwood forest, which needs at least 25 years to do the same! [3]

3. Strength

Thanks to the hollow internodes at the heart of each of its culms, bamboo bends under the winds and the snow, but hardly ever breaks.

Bamboo is 8 times more resistant to loads than wood. Its resistance to loads is also slightly higher than that of construction iron!

When combined with earth, bamboo can be used in the construction of earthquake-resistant partitions.

To date, bamboo seems to be an (the?) ideal, ecological, renewable and sustainable solution for the creation of a healthy habitat, with a very low impact on the environment, combined with little energy involved in its design, implementation and manufacture.

4. Absorbance

Bamboo fiber is ultra absorbent. That is why it is used in the manufacturing of textiles such as bedding, sponges, and, of course, cloth diapers!

5 Exceptionnal Caracteristics Of Bamboo

The fiber is also extremely light and soft. It is ideal for baby blankets because it makes them light, while it keeps the baby warm in the meantime. Perfect for babies during the hot days of summer!

5. Anti-age

Bamboo has many therapeutic virtues because of the minerals it contains, especially silica. The use of bamboo dates back over 6,000 years, as it facilitates the uptake of phosphorus, a mineral most present in our body and that is absolutely essential for life.

It helps rebuild cartilage, bone tissue and connective tissue as it facilitates collagen synthesis. It also helps to keep the skin young.

Bamboo is used against rheumatism and osteoporosis, but also to strengthen brittle or fragile teeth, nails and hair [4].

There is even more to say!

We have limited ourselves to only five virtues, but we could write many more articles on this subject. In another article, we will explore the topic of home development based on this truly exceptional plant. Do not forget to visit our bamboo section to discover the variety of bamboo items we have to offer!

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