Run For Your Skin’s Life!

Winter is well underway. Are you one of those who, when the cold sets in, see their skin dry, peel or crack?… Are you or your children taken caught with their eczema friend, all these long winter months? Keep calm! We have a beginning of a solution for you!

What are you washing yourself with?

I often see people looking for THE miracle cream to heal their dry skin or stuck with eczema. There are a few excellent creams and lotions out there. But the first questions one has to ask his self is: “What are you washing yourself with?” Cause you might brush yourself all over with some miracle lotion, if you wash yourself with a soap that irritates your skin, it’s like trying to keep while your kids are in the house: it’s always to start again.

We only trust natural soaps, in here. Nous le Savon offer a wide range of soaps for all tastes and all needs! Here are our suggestions for the most sensitive skins:

The properties of oats, to treat eczema, have been known for a long time. Besides enjoying these properties, your skin will thank you for the gentle exfoliation with integrated oat flakes in the soap. Until now this winter, Nous le Savon’s Oat Soap has saved: my boy’s skin, which becomes eczema as soon as the mercury drops, my fragile pregnant woman skin and my grandmother’s rough elbows! Try it and share your little miracles with us!

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