5 Pieces Exfoliating Soap Bags


It can maintain good and slight friction, remove grease and remove dirt, clean the skin, and stimulate the face, arms, chest and abdomen, back, limbs, etc., to bring refreshing and fun to the four seasons bath.

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Treat yourself to our new exfoliating soap bags. You are certainly going to love its excellent design and quality — priced at just $8.99.

We are positive that purchasing these woolen mesh will be a wonderful purchase. Every order from our store is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You can use it for soap, shower gel, and cleansing lotion. rich in foam, comes with a lanyard, the mesh is delicate, giving you a different experience.

When using, soak it in warm water for two minutes to make the fabric soft and delicate, then add facial cleanser or shower gel to scrub the body.

It can maintain good and slight friction, remove grease and remove dirt, clean the skin, and stimulate the face, arms, chest and abdomen, back, limbs, etc., to bring refreshing and fun to the four seasons bath.

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  • Material: Wool

Get yourself a great product for an affordable price! It is soft and durable. Suitable for foaming and massage exfoliating to remove dead skin. Don’t miss this opportunity because you don’t get such a good offer every day!


What’s so special about your cleaning soap bags?
All our products, including the exfoliating soap bags, live up to the strictest requirements to quality. Apart from that, our goods are fairly priced. As a result, it makes our offers stand out from the others.

Are the woolen soap mesh produces according to the industry standards?
We strive to provide our clients with high quality goods. Thus, we make sure that all our products, including the exfoliating soap bags, match the necessary requirements before starting to sell them.

How much?
For five exfoliating soap bags, you will only have to pay $8.99.

Will I have to pay extra fees when buying your exfoliating soap bags?
The total order cost on the checkout page will include all the necessary fees and taxes you must pay to get your item. In other words, no other expenses will be necessary.

When I buy something in an online store, I always share my experience in my blog. Is it OK with your goods?
We are always happy when our customers share photos and videos of our goods online, so enjoy your new product to the fullest. Don’t forget to tag us!

What if it leaves me unhappy?
If you don’t like what you got for whatever reason, we will certainly return the money as soon as you send the merchandise back.


Can you send my exfoliating soap bags to an address that doesn’t match my residence address?
As you wish it! Just specify the necessary delivery address in full detail, and then we’ll arrange the shipment as you requested.

Are your packages safe enough?
Your orders are packed in such a way that the risks of damaging are minimized.

Is it still available?
As long as the ADD TO CART button is active, you have an opportunity to buy this product. So go ahead and do it!

Does the expected shipping time match the actual delivery period?
When it comes to the shipping time estimates, we do it as carefully as we can. Still, in case of emergencies or any other events affecting your postal office’s performance there might be 2-3 days’ difference between the expected and actual delivery time, especially in pandemic times. However, we are proud to say that most of the times, orders arrive before the expected time.

How can I know that your store is better than any other one?
The goal of our store is to provide our customers with premium products at the lowest prices possible. At the same time, we always try to make every effort to make all our customers happy with their purchases.

Does anyone sell these offline?
Finding the same exfoliating soap bags in a regular store is only likely if someone resells these products. However, it usually means a higher price.

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7 reviews for 5 Pieces Exfoliating Soap Bags

  1. Nicolas Moulin


  2. Bonifác Krížik

    thank u very much. i love this products.

  3. Samantha Carlson

    Received in perfect condition, very good product I recommend. I loved the store, it came very fast. I will keep buying from the store because it has very interesting products.

  4. Mia Robinson

    Such fast shipping and items packed well very good quality and items . Thank you.

  5. Blake Aylmer

    Fab item

  6. Andrés Rodríguez

    All right, to put in a soap bar and use a sponge. It performs its function although it makes less foam than a normal sponge

  7. Bruce Hunt

    It took them 2 weeks to arrive. I already tried them and they look good

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