Exfoliating Bath Brush


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Discover all your personal care needs with the latest selection and styles of products to find the best exfoliating bath brush possible. We believe high quality shouldn’t equal high prices, so come see our assortment starting at just $9.95.

Enjoy worldwide shipping on all orders with secure payment and customer service on standby (in case you have any questions).


  • Material: Bamboo, Bristle, BPA Free plastic

Aren’t you already excited about your skin becoming fresh and moisturized?  ADD TO CART this incredible item right now!

How to dry brush:

  1. Begin dry brush at ankles in an upward motion toward the heart ;
  2. Dry brush in gentle circular upward motions then long smooth strokes
  3. Dry brush from your ankles to lower legs, tighs, stomach, back and arms
  4. When dry brush your back, brush from the neck towards your lower back
  5. Dry brush between 3 to 5 minutes, twice a day
  6. Avoid dry brushing sensitive areas, such as burns ans dores
  7. Shower right after dry brushing to wash away all the dead skin cells. Use a natural, moisturizing soap.
  8. Dry your skin and dry brush again with massage oil to deep moisturize your skin.

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If I order the Dry Skin Moisturizing Brush, will the color of the real product match the one on the picture?
The colors in the product pictures fully match the real colors of our Exfoliating Bath Brush. Nevertheless, keep in mind that different devices may show a bit of different shades.

What do you make it from? What materials do you use?
The quality of our products is one of our main concerns. In addition, we make sure that no toxic materials are used to craft our Exfoliating Bath Brush.

Can you collect any taxes? Or is it tax free?
All extra expenses are listed in the final price for your order. You can see it on the checkout page. Therefore, it’ll show taxes as well if applied.

I’m not sure I’m ready to buy it. Is this the right price?
It’s up to you to make the final shopping decision. However, we’d like to point it out that $9.95 is quite moderate in comparison to other market offers, who often ask for the double.

I’m going to leave a review of this product, is it all right?
We truly appreciate all the reviews of our customers. So, feel free to share the advantages and drawbacks of the product you’ve bought.

Which advantages did your previous customers indicate in this product?
All the people who have bought our dry-skin scrubber emphasize the high quality of the product and leave only positive feedback. Therefore, feel free to join them!


What to do if I don’t get my order or it is faulty?
There is no reason to be worried about it because you will either receive your package safe and sound or get a full refund.

How do you pack the orders?
We treat proper product packaging as our top priority because we understand how important it is for customers all over the globe to receive their purchases in perfect condition.

Does the expected shipping time match the actual delivery period?
We calculate the estimated shipping time as carefully as we can. Still, the delivery time may slightly vary depending on different circumstances including national holidays, emergencies and viral outbreaks.

How many are available for purchase?
There are enough items to place a medium-scale order. However, we would recommend that you make your purchase as soon as possible as we expect the Exfoliating Bath Brush stock to run low by the end of the week.

The store looks great. However, are you actually a reliable supplier?
We value our reputation and want to bring joy to each of our customers. Check out what our clients tell about us in their reviews, so you can see that they got what they were expecting! We are a family ran business and we are here to connect with families just like ours.

What is your main difference from your competitors?
The goal of our store is to provide our customers with premium products at the lowest prices possible. At the same time, we make every effort to make all our customers happy with their purchases.


Additional information


1 pc




Exfoliating Brush


Removing dry skin, cleaning


Bath Brush/Massage Brush




Bristle, Bamboo, BPA Free plastic

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2 reviews for Exfoliating Bath Brush

  1. Егор Михайлов

    Great brush

  2. Снежана Петровa

    Excellent brush, bristle hard, pupyshki strong, very satisfied

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