What Being Eco-Friendly Actually Means [To Us]

As environmentally-conscious humans, we have three perspectives on being eco-friendly and what that looks like for our family.

3 Perspectives on Day-to-Day Eco-Friendly Living

As environmentally-conscious humans, we try to do our best to respect and care for this giant space rock we call home. We recognize that changes need to be made to preserve and protect the environment. We also have to understand that the actions of one household will have a minimal impact on the current state of the planet. One person or one family cannot restore the environment to a pre-human status. That said, we have three perspectives on being eco-friendly and what that looks like for our family.

1. Using plastic is not a crime; just use it responsibly

Living in a capitalist first-world country means that we have access to single-use conveniences. Bottled beverages, one-cup coffee pods, and other products made from plastic are designed to make our lives easier, even though they have a negative impact on the environment. However, you should not hesitate to purchase a bottle of water if you are thirsty and have no alternative available to you. Being eco-friendly means that rather than throwing that bottle away after your thirst is quenched, reuse the bottle several times.

While having a single-use plastic alternative, like these Reusable Coffee Capsules, is ideal, it is not always available in a pinch. Doing your best to get more use out of single-use plastics is an eco-friendly decision.

2. Be aware of what goes down the drain

Protecting our water is of the utmost importance. Part of that is being aware of what is going down the drain at home. Purchasing eco-friendly detergents and avoiding skincare products that exfoliate with microplastics is a great way to keep our water systems healthy for the future.

Instead of an exfoliating body soap that could contain harmful chemicals and microplastics, try this bamboo Exfoliating Bath Brush to buff away that dry skin.

3. It’s okay not to aim for zero waste

It is 100% acceptable to throw things in the garbage. What being eco-friendly means is doing your best to choose eco-friendly products when you can. Everyone’s lifestyle is different and will have a different capacity for making eco-friendly choices. For example, not everyone can afford to purchase fresh vegetables, and frozen veggies in a plastic bag is the best they can do for their family. There is nothing wrong with choosing to feed your family a healthy meal, even if that means creating some waste in the process.

Starting with one purchase, you can make a small impact. Try looking at eco-friendly options for these (typically plastic) everyday items like these Bamboo Polarized Sunglasses or this stylish Wooden Watch. Being an eco-friendly family does not mean being perfect all of the time or being burdened with guilt for every piece of plastic we bring into the house. What it does mean is making good choices when we can.

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